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Is it newsworthy?

For something to be newsworthy is must have an affect on at least one of the following:

  • Home
  • Heart
  • Health
  • Pocketbook

A quick newsworthy test:

Ask if it accomplishes at least one of the following points in a way that affects enough people:

  • Solve a problem or create an opportunity 
  • Provide useful information or tips
  • Identify a trend 
  • Help the community 

Working With GSI

A PR firm and its client need to take a team approach to implementing a successful PR program. Both members are critical components of the team's success. The client provides the product or technology expertise and Gain-Stovall, Inc. provides the public relations expertise. To make the relationship an effective one, team members agree to accept certain responsibilities:

Agency responsibilities

A client expects results. To deliver on these expectations an agency needs to...

  • Spend time with the client at the beginning of the relationship to gain understanding of the client's sales and marketing messages – Who uses the service or product? What is the buyer's incentive to purchase the service or product? How does the service or product compare to others in the market?
  • Identify influencers in the client's market – Who are the market leaders? What influences purchasers' decisions? What publications do customers read? Who writes about the market?
  • Maintain on-going contact with media covering the client's industry or market in order to remain up-to-date on key issues and opportunities.
  • Maintain ongoing communication with the client to exchange ideas, address issues and adapt the PR program to meet market changes.
  • Provide expertise in media relations to benefit the client's marketing communications plan and support sales efforts.
  • Work with the client to set clear expectations for the PR program up front.
  • Provide the client with deliverables and results in a proficient, timely manner.

Client responsibilities

Ongoing communication and dissemination of information between the agency and the client are vital to success. For the PR program to achieve its goal the client needs to...

  • Provide the agency, in a timely manner, information needed to get results – access to company executives, information on new products, new business relationships and other newsworthy events.
  • Include the agency as a strategic member of the sales and marketing team. Copy the agency on sales and marketing materials used with customers or that reference events that may influence the company.
  • Work with the agency from the beginning to establish clear expectations for the PR program and a clearly defined and timely approval process for materials.
  • Maintain an honest communication flow between the agency and the client to address opportunities and problems, as well as successes and concerns.