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The importance of keeping up appearances

Everything you do and say speaks volumes about you and your business. You and those who work for you are ambassadors for your products and services.

  • Have a store front? Is your place of business well identified, with an inviting entry and attentive staff that is not too pushy?
  • When your sales or service force goes into the marketplace on your behalf, do they make a good impression? Are their uniforms clean and the company vehicles well maintained?
  • How about your website; is it informative and current? Are you giving clients and prospective clients a reason to visit your virtual storefront again and again?
  • How about your company name, logo and tagline; do they clearly state who you are and what you do?
  • Is your printed collateral informative and attractive with no spelling errors?

Be aware of what is being said about your company in the tangible and virtual marketplace.

What We Do

Over time we all learn where our talents lie and how to best use them to help others achieve their goals. GSI knows our areas of expertise and has focused on our strengths, which include:

Strategic PlanningWhat do you want to say
Media Relations
Community Relations
Crisis Management
Message & Media Training
Social Media
Web Site Content
Events & Openings
Writing and editing

How We Do It:

In this age of multiple methods for communicating, understanding how to present the best image for your organization with clarity and integrity is very important. Gain-Stovall, Inc. has the experience and know-how to help you define and refine your message.

  • We meet with you to learn about your business, the goods and services you offer and what sets you apart from the competition.
  • We determine your communication goals and objectives and help you achieve these through a comprehensive PR plan and a plan of action.
  • We help you craft your message and deliver it to your audiences through multiple channels. 
  • We act as a resource, looking for unique opportunities to deliver your message and seeking out strategic alliances to enhance your company's image and reputation.

These are the skills we possess:

  • An established understanding of and rapport with the local news media
  • In-depth understanding of information sharing methods including blogs, social media, online networking sites and other tools to distribute information
  • Involvement in the business and civic community that makes us a valuable resource
  • Excellent writing and editing skills
  • A creative background that provides the client with fresh ideas and ways to achieve visibility goals
  • An established reputation as responsive and professional businesspersons
  • The ability to help position the client as an expert in his or her profession