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The GSI business philosophy is about practicing what we preach. It’s important to have a conversation with our customers or clients. By listening to the client, we learn what they are looking for and find the path for them to get there.
Public relations success, much like business success, is built on relationships and trust.  Relationships take time to grow. Trust requires open honest communication coupled with integrity in action.
We are both Rotarians, and adhere to the Rotary Four-Way Test, developed in the 1930s Depression era by a businessman trying to save his bankrupt company. (It worked.)
1.    Is it the truth?
2.    Is it fair to all concerned?
3.    Will it build good will and better friendships?
4.    Will it be beneficial to all concerned?
If this philosophy can save a large company during the Depression, we can accept that wisdom and follow it in our business.

Meet GSI

Rosanne Gain

In the early 1990s – Rosanne Gain had the opportunity to start her own public relations firm when her Santa Fe art industry employer decided they would prefer to have her as a contract PR consultant rather than employee. Rosanne was able to build an impressive clientele of clients including the art gallery, a funeral home, a burglar alarm company, a rodeo, a luxury hotel and many more.

Bob Stovall






When husband Bob Stovall got a job in Colorado Springs, Rosanne brought the business with her, keeping most of the New Mexico regulars. She continued to build her clientele in Colorado adding more businesses and organizations to the list of satisfied clients.

In the last quarter of 2008, Bob’s job with the City of Colorado Springs was eliminated because of severe budget cuts. It took Rosanne and Bob very little time to realize that this was exactly the time to do what they had discussed for several years – form their own agency together.

This is how Gain-Stovall, Inc. was born in January 2009. Growth of the firm happened quickly as Rosanne and Bob let the community know that they had joined forces. Today Gain-Stovall, Inc continues to take on projects and clients that are creative and fun to work with.